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I sit comfortably while the Vega machine tests the health of all my organs, assesses stress levels and looks for viruses and parasites. As well as checking for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the Vega tests which chakras – the body’s energy centres – are functioning well and which are closed.

The results show I’m deficient in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

I have a virus in my duodenum; and my liver, pancreas, colon and ileum and reproductive organs are not working as efficiently as they should be.

This does not surprise me,because I’ve had painful periods for many years.

The iridology test involves taking photographs of my eyes to reveal my emotional patterns,weaknesses and strengths.

Treatment includes taking digestive enzymes and a ‘superfood’to help build up nutrient levels. The herb Echinacea is prescribed for ten days to tackle my duodenal virus. My diet for seven weeks is Vegan, with 80% raw food – which comes as a shock. The 7th week will feature an intensive  juice fast.

After treatments  over seven weeks with a blend of herbs, Vega treatments to detox my liver, aromatherapy relaxation, colonics,facials, reflexology and colour puncture I am elated at how well I feel. I now know how my body functions and how it affects my state of mind. My aim wasn’t to lose weight but I did lose two pounds. I am determined to keep up the good work.


Marie Clare magazine

‘Like many women, I’m stressed, work long hours and don’t look after my health properly. I tend to eat on the run, have business lunches, skip meals and then feel rundown. I visited the Campion Clinic with a completely open mind. Along with various herbal remedies Kitty advised me to follow a fish and vegan diet, which I thought would be a nightmare when eating out, but in fact was quite easy to follow. I did eat lots more vegetables and fresh and juiced fruit than usual. The effect on my digestive system was amazing- no more irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, or stress related problems. I had a really healthy appetite, higher energy levels and my skin positively glowed. Rating 10/10 weight after : 8st 12lb (before 9st 5lb).


You magazine Mail on Sunday

When Elizabeth B’s periods stopped she was devastated to be told she was menopausal at the age of 39. Was it possible to turn back her biological clock?

‘On a sunny spring morning, I checked myself into the Campion Clinic. My first treatment was the Vega Expert test which showed a hormone deficiency relating to the ovaries and the uterus, disturbances in the root chakra (linked to sex drive), hypothalamus (the stress – responsive part of the brain that controls hormone balance) , an immune system weakness and allergies. “Will my periods come back?’ I asked ‘We’ll see’ replied Kitty.

In the following months I followed the regime advised by Kitty and returned to the clinic the following Autumn for a final check up. The Vega showed improvement in every department. However, Kitty thought my ovaries were still
congested. ‘I’d like you to have four deep – cleansing manual lymphatic drainage treatments,’ she said. For a week I was completely zonked. Then, to my absolute amazement, I had a period- the first in 14 months. Twenty three days later it was followed by another. The hot flushes have virtually disappeared.’


Red magazine

‘the hands -on healing treatment was blissful, the colonic uncomfortable, but it was the ‘homework’ I found taxing. ‘ What on earth are you doing?’ shrieked Jeremy as I tossed a chunk of garlic, some ginger, a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil into a pint of apple juice and switched on the blender. ‘My liver flush’ I replied ‘Smells revolting’ he winced. When I developed a terrible cold Kitty said it was all the toxins coming out. But a week later I felt decidedly better. I began waking up earlier, my head was clearer and my energy was flooding back. As the days passed I felt brighter than I had for years.’


The Times

“Kitty was able to tell me that I had parasites living in my colon, spleen and kidneys, resulting in my body performing at only 80% of its capacity and interfering with my immune digestive systems and nutritional levels…..the parasite was likely to be Giardia Lambia that I picked up in India 3 years ago, and the culprit for the Irritable Bowel Syndrome, aching limbs, tiredness and weight loss which I have been experiencing; all symptoms dismissed by my GP as stress related.


Financial Times

“I discovered that I had a low sperm count as my wife and I were trying to have a baby….the Vega machine showed that I had been poisoned while working in a chemical factory in Germany and detected an overload on my lymphatic system because of a dormant virus. There were also pesticides affecting my colon. Over the course of the treatment my sperm count doubled and by the end I felt transformed. My mental alacrity is now superb; I never get colds and my energy is phenomenal.”


The West Australian

“A lot of bodily stuff (illness) comes in through the mind and through the emotions,” Ms Campion said.

“If you go into illness from a different perspective, which is the way I do it, you get very much better results.”

Ms Campion said people around the world were getting sicker at a faster rate than ever before. Coupled with consideration for the complexities of environmental, genetic and physiological factors, Kitty truly sees ‘the big picture’.


“Kitty stares into his eyes, pauses for a minute and says gently: ‘I think you have a problem with your pancreas.’ Hardly a line to charm a Mills and Boon hero, but more welcome than any endearment to this middle aged taxi driver: the cause of his mystery illness has just been diagnosed by his GP as epilepsy, so he has lost his driving licence and his job: but to make matters worse, the drugs make him sick and the blackouts continue. In desperation he has made an appointment to see Kitty. Using her bioscope she sees that the part of the iris that corresponds to the pancreas is showing distortions, and sends him back to his GP suggesting a glucose monitoring test. The story ends happily; a diagnosis of hypoglycemia is confirmed. Kitty designs a programme of herbal treatments and a sugar free diet, and he swears she has saved his life.”


“Ms Campion is held in highest regard in the fields of herbal medicine and natural healing in the USA, Europe and Australasia.  She is professional in every sense of the word.  As a communicator with a dynamic presence she has the ability to share her warmth and insight.”

David Pesek PhD

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