How do I help you to heal?

To diagnose any illness I look at the function of the area of the body that is affected and the chakra that influences that particular part of the body, the manifesting symptoms as well as the history of the illness. Put together these help identify the psychological process, the buried issues of the mind and the emotions and conflicts that underlie them.

To do this I use multi-dimensional iridology and the Vegetative Reflex Test (VRT) as my diagnostic tools. Of course I don’t ignore blood tests, hormonal investigations, x-rays etc, but these are normally brought to me by the patient, whose doctor is stumped in spite of these investigations. Acute disease can go sub-acute and then chronic if continually suppressed. Other factors that cause chronic illness include insecticides, pesticides, medicines and heavy metals that may not show up in the acute phase, due to tiny amounts of exposure to toxic substances over a long period of time. This is also true of long standing infection that can gradually block the body’s connective tissue and it’s enzymatic and regulatory systems, as well as tissue damage from accidents, the side effects of drugs, geopathic or electromagnetic stress, prolonged emotional stress or nutritional disorders, addictions and chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections.

VRT makes it possible not only to follow the path of any illness, but also to focus on and deal with the strongest disturbance first. Of equal importance is its ability to monitor and check the effectiveness of all medicines. There are far too many therapists blindly handing out natural remedies with no clue as to whether they are compatible with the particular person in front of them.

So my diagnosis is a bit like an archaeological dig, layer by layer and in proper sequence. This enables me to be accurate about how a healing crisis will present and unravel.


“Kitty has often been a source for me to refer patients to in order to deal with health issues.  She has been inspirational in modifying my practice to mirror the work she originally did and I have actually reproduced her clinic, having colonic therapy, an iridologist and a herbalist working at the practice to try and emulate what she originally showed me and inspired me to do.  She is an absolutely fabulous woman, dynamic, enthusiastic and a real pleasure to have as a referring colleague and as a friend.”

Dr John Roberts