Titles by Kitty Campion

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Good News!

Kitty has just completed her latest book ‘Your handbook to mind body healing’.


“I struggled with my weight for many years and had reached a point where my enjoyment of life was somewhat diminished – no energy, uncomfortable and not happy in myself. I had also suffered from a long-standing Candida infection and it was wearing me down. Working with Kitty, we initially changed my diet to be higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates, supplemented by remedies to support getting rid of the Candida. The process was like peeling away the layers of an onion and involved looking at not just the physical issues, but the underlying mental and emotional issues that were firmly intertwined and using strategies to deal with each.  Kitty probed to uncover that which I’d buried or not looked at, shone a light into the darker corners, supported with great sensitivity and gentleness and provided a gentle ‘kick up the bum’ if it was needed. I was so blessed that Kitty came into my life, allowing me to take control of mine again. I realised that for multi-faceted issues, a multi-faceted approach is required and so Kitty is my first port of call for my well being issues.”

Catherine Fleay