Detox Implementation

Living in a toxic soup

So your New Year’s resolutions are still firmly in place. You wake up early, go for a quick jog to the edge of your town or village, run home past fields full of growing crops and stop off at the local coffee shop for your righteous herbal tea before going home for a long hot shower. Sounds like an idyllic start to a healthy day, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this seemingly healthy morning routine is riddled with exposure to a medley of dangerous chemicals– traffic fumes, especially deadly diesel ones, pesticides on the fields, plasticisers in your take away cup and a bouquet of ingredients used to perfume the soap and enhance the performance of the shampoo. Each year up to 3000 new chemicals are introduced into our environment and are now found almost everywhere even in the snow flakes that fall on Antarctica and in the breast milk of mothers feeding their babies in the Gobi desert. There is no escape from cumulative daily toxin exposure. These modern toxins are designed to make life more convenient but land up doing the opposite through driving physiological dysfunction and ultimately they underlie a vast array of health difficulties.


Fighting our toxic foes

Given the frightening fact that we are constantly facing new toxic adversaries, there is some reprieve in the knowledge that our hard pressed bodies are not powerless against them. But the sophisticated mechanisms established to manage toxins become less effective in times of physiological weakness or toxic excess. Most people benefit from rapid detox but those who have any mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress such as chronic fatigue syndrome need to speak to me about extra support and altered dosage of the enclosed herbal medicines.


Fat loss prevents fat loss

Of course one of the benefits of detox is often fat loss and for those with poor gut function, environmental exposure to heavy metals or persistent organic pollutants (POPs) detox support prior to a weight loss programme is essential to accomplish successful fat loss, which is why I’ve sent you these herbs a month in advance. As fat is liberated many of the chemicals that are sequestered in fatty tissue will be released into the circulation. An increase in circulating POPs can create significant inflammation, oxidative stress and mitochondrial blockade, hindering the ability to burn fat. This is true of all weight loss patients and goes a long way to explaining the problems commonly encountered during fat loss programmes such as plateaus, poor compliance due to fatigue and rebound weight gain. During weight loss you may need extra liver support, herbal anti inflammatories, probiotic implantation, parricides, help for a leaky gut, metabolic stimulation and extra amino acids.


Your programme

So begin by cutting out in the month leading up to the detox all dairy products from whatever animal, no exceptions, all wheat, corn and soya products, all red meat, processed meat like salami and bacon, all tea (except herbal and green tea), all coffee and all sugar in any form, and, of course all alcohol and, if you can, all tobacco. Follow the instructions on the label of the IFno2 and when you have achieved 2 bowel movements daily continue but now introduce your IFno3 as on the label. Begin every morning with a liver flush followed by a generous mug of unsweetened detox tea. Body brush every day followed by a hot then a cold shower using organic soap and shampoo. If you haven’t got a brush and can’t find one at your chemist contact me and I’ll send you one with instructions. Sometime in the afternoon drink 1 cup kidney tea, making it in the same way as the detox tea.


Liver Flush

Juice the following:

1 (building up to 3) cloves of garlic

1″ (2.5cm) of peeled fresh ginger

A fresh, preferably organic, lemon sliced

A combination of apple, carrot or carrot mixed with beetroot

or any other fruit of your choice

To this combination of ingredients, add 1 (building up to 3) tablespoons of organic flax seed oil or olive oil. This can be stirred or liquidated in. Garlic and ginger have excellent liver-protective qualities and garlic in particular provides important sulphur compounds that the liver needs to build enzymes. Please note fruit and vegetable juices are incompatible when mixed together with the exception of carrot and apple juice.


Keep in touch and let me know if you are flagging and need extra support and I’ll see you on the course. Be good, be brave and direct your thoughts positively!