Spring Detox 2018

Spring Detox

10 day retreat – April 25th -May 5th 2018

Austria April 25th to May 5th in the Vital Hotel Stoderhof in the beautiful Austrian Alps where a car free pristine air and water retreat is guaranteed.

There are beautiful meadow walks and optional excursions to a magnificent water fall  and a serene lake where herbal tea may be taken as well as a ski lift 3 minutes away from the hotel transporting you to a breathtaking view of the Alps. Bicycles can be hired for longer excursions and, for the very brave, there is an adventurous high wire course nearby, as well as hot air balloon rides and paragliding.

Retreat highlights

  • 3 hours of daily Yoga practise
  • 8 days Juice fast with organic juices, potassium broth and detox tea
  • An optional deep liver stone cleanse on 4th day
  • 4 colonics, 2 cranial sacral therapies, 2 massages, one ear candling with reflexology, 4 Matrix Regeneration Bioresonance massages
  • A month’s preparatory course of herbs with instructions
  • Ad lib use of an infra-red sauna, a chemical free indoor heated swimming pool and an outdoor kneipp promenade
  • 9 nights accommodation in individual bedrooms with bathrooms en suite, most of them with balconies looking out to the snow capped Alps
  • Marianne Fruhmann A deeply experienced cranial sacral therapist who also runs her own training school.
  • Ariella Eich A well loved yoga teacher with many years of experience.
  • Debbie Fisher has more than 30 years experience both in extensive bodywork and herbal medicine and has run her own very successful clinic in Dubai.

The full cost of the retreat will be £1,450.
Not included – Airport Transfers and flights