Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence:

 A Path to Greater Self Discovery and Success

Your relationships with everyone and to everything in your world make all the difference to how you feel about yourself, and they make all the difference to your success in every aspect of life. Yet while you may understand both the what and the why of relationships you may still end up repeating patterns that sabotage your chances of true happiness, success and fulfilment.

Whether what sets you back relates to your family and friends, your health or your finances, this course will give you the tools to positively change your experience of life forever. When you begin to understand the how of relationships which is the fundamental thread that weaves through all areas of life you will then discover the key to being completely fulfilled.

Kitty’s practical wisdom, warmth and insight will help you understand your process and give you tools and techniques to take with you and apply immediately in your daily life. You will uncover the patterns that sabotage your prospects. You will also be taught the rules that govern the real game of life, those that underpin the beauty and perfection of the Universe and the role you play within it. An understanding of the principle of metaphysical law is a powerful tool to enable you to have a life of balance, abundance and joy.

Of course everyone is different so each person’s experience will be unique but some of the many changes you can expect are:

  • Freedom from self defeating behaviours that block wellbeing, wealth and lovability
  • Happier relationships at home and at work
  • Greater freedom, openness, love and spontaneity
  • How to embody your most deeply held values
  • How to live a life of abundance on every level
  • Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Deep connection to your own best, most authentic self.

This course is open to anyone that wants to learn how to realign their relationships in order to experience more potential and growth. It will both change and inspire you within a safe and supportive environment.

Course Modules


  • Introduction
  • The Power of our Mind
  • Communication
  • Triangle Model
  • Psychology of Emotions
  • Attitude and Directions
  • Iceberg Model
  • Beliefs and Patterns
  • Workshop


  • Ego and the Higher Mind
  • Dependence and Beyond
  • Relationships and Family
  • Stages of Relationships
  • The Power of Letting Go
  • Power Struggle
  • Dead Zone
  • Projections and Forgiveness
  • Accountability
  • Two Day Workshop


  • Partnership
  • Personalities and Leadership
  • Archetypes Myths Shadows
  • Happiness Purpose Fulfillment
  • Conspiracies and Idols
  • Emotional Evolution
  • Joining
  • Love Grace Miracles

Price Options

128 CPD Points
The course comprises of 28 modules
held over 7 months, 1 weekend per month
– non residential – will comprise of 8 hours per day (9am-5pm)
including morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

£180 incl VAT per weekend
Total £1,267
Early Bird Rate £987
Early Bird Rate must be paid one calendar month in advance.

Payment: Cheques payable to Kitty Campion